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SERMON SNAPSHOT - July 13, 2014

In praying and planning for the remaining four Sundays in July, should we expect Camp Meetings to be different from our regular Sundays? Aside from being free to be less formally dressed, we should also and always be free to worship our Lord "in spirit and in truth" (John 4:24) As for what we may expect, let's turn the question around so that the focus is on what God expects of us, as well as what we expect from God. Some may say, "Camp Meetings had their place "back in the day", but God is saying, "Behold, I make all things new." (Rev. 21:5) So let us approach His throne of grace with open hearts, voices of praise, and a willingness to surrender all we are and all we have to His gracious will.

SERMON SNAPSHOP - July 6, 2014

John, the disciple often called "John the Beloved", wrote his gospel after the other three wrote theirs. He also had more to say, likely because many "Hellenists"(Greek-speaking Jews) had begun to settle in The Holy Land" and John sought to extend the Good News of Jesus, the living Word to them. Note how John emphasizes His Master's assurance that He is truly the Son of God (Chapter 16 as well as in today's scripture). Before He left this world, Jesus wanted all who accepted Him as Lord and Savior to embrace certain truths: peace in forgiveness, comfort in the presence of the Holy Spirit and life eternal with God.

SERMON SNAPSHOP - June 29, 2014

We feel free to flaunt our freedom. As Americans, the blessings of liberty are among our greatest treasures. But are we really free? Some say not yet. There are those who feel that though we are favored, we are still "a work in progress" when it comes to being fully free. What does this mean? Christian citizens should know the answer; better yet, we should know what the Bible tells us about being part of the answer. (Galatians 5:1 & 13)

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