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SERMON SNAPSHOT - November 2, 2014

In most situations where people gather for one event or another, there are those whose job entails preparing the place in advance. So it was as Jesus gathered with His disciples on Holy Thursday to celebrate Passover, followed by what we have come to know as The Last Supper. Mark 14: 12-15 briefly describes how preparations were made for this event, but no details are given. Matthew 26:17-19 tells us that Jesus not only instructed His disciples to find a "certain man (in Jerusalem) and tell him, "I will keep the Passover at your house with My disciples", He implies that His disciples prepared everything. Kind of like, "guess who's coming for dinner"! I've often wondered about those who serve "behind the scenes", faithfully going about the task with no fanfare.

SERMON SNAPSHOT - October 26, 2014

Like riddles? I do. This is why God's Word is so fascinating. So here's a riddle right out of the Bible: what one word is used over 150 times in the New Testament, yet Jesus never mentions it? The answer has to do with the fact that He didn't have to use it. He was a walking definition it. If, as some say, Jesus' favorite word is "Come", then God's favorite word must be ____. If you know what it is, write it in so you'll remember it. In the book by his name, Peter calls God "the God of all ____." (I Peter 5:10) This word is the heart of the gospel. Gospel means "good news". Acts 20:24 tells us that "the gospel is the ____ of God." It is said that ____ is the vocabulary of the gospel. Without it, the gospel is mute. ____ is the music of the gospel; without it, the gospel is silent. Do you know the word? If you like riddles, you probably like dares. So, each time you think you hear the word during the sermon, I dare you to say "amen". (Yes, out loud!)


TOASTMASTERS CLUB: Glynlea Grace has started are be held on Thursdays beginning October 2, at 6:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. It helps in improving so many factors in one's life. It develops self-confidence, self-expression, interviewing, networking, building one's leadership skills, and so many other ways. We look forward to seeing you there.

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